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The Youth Council - CIJ City Council Bocairent welcome you to this new information portal, which hopefully will be very useful.
On this page we try to make available to the youth a useful tool that Complement and increases the services currently provided from facilities CIJ.
Several reasons justify the creation of this site, starting with the importance that it has acquired the network for youth. Through it, interact, interact, seek information, etc.. Therefore, any organization that has these recipients can remove what is not, at present, its natural environment. In this sense, the fact that the CIJ Bocairent currently has no virtual platform makes the relationship with their potential users.
Secondly, we must remember that the network provides an Internet data volume practically unattainable, which, without careful selection, can be an obstacle when interested in a specific content. Therefore, the website resulting from this project can become a filter with guarantees, from a selection of significant resources.
Finally, the program lies in the opportunity to overcome the obvious limitations associated with physical facilities of the CIJ. And the platform will be in service twenty-four hours a day and you can do it from anywhere using geographically.
Bocairent Council (Youth Council - ICJ)